Learning How To Care For Short Hair

Tips To Help Mitigate Hair Loss During Chemo

There are many side effects that are uncomfortable about chemo treatment, but hair loss is often the issue that people dread most. Chemo affects everyone differently, so hair loss isn’t guaranteed. The loss is caused when chemo radiation targets the rapidly dividing cells inside the hair follicles, causing the hair to fall out. For others, […]

3 Jobs Where You Might Want To Cover Tattoos Up

Many people have tattoos. For some, they are a way to commemorate a special time in their life. Others simply get them because they wanted something different and colorful. Whatever your reasoning is for having a tattoo, there are certain times in your life when you need to cover them up and make it appear […]

Three Tips To Help Your Beard Look Its Best

You’ve made the decision to grow a beard, with the help of a supplement like Vitabeard, and endured the days and weeks of shaggy facial hair. Now you’re ready to start grooming your newly grown facial addition to give it the look you desire. While it’s true that wearing a beard will limit the amount of […]

3 Ways To Soothe A Sore Tush When Riding A Bike

Riding a bike is a great form of exercise. However, riding it for an extended period of time can end up leaving you with a sore bottom that makes it uncomfortable to sit down. If you are looking for a way to put an end to your sore bottom, you need to check out the […]

Six Ways To Reduce Sensitivity After Whitening

One of the most common side effects of teeth whitening procedures is an increase in tooth sensitivity. This side effect is due to the way teeth whitening gels — in particular the bleaching agents that they contain — interact with tooth enamel. Although teeth whitening should not cause permanent side effects, some patients report increased […]

3 Procedures Your Dermatologist May Recommend If You Are Suffering From Hair Loss

If your hair loss is bothering you, then you may want to consider doing something about it. Your dermatologist will be able to help you out a great deal with this because this is something that they specialize in. The key is to go into the dermatologist early before it gets worse so that they […]

Tips For Beautiful And Healthy-Looking Skin

We are all born with beautiful skin, but over time our skin begins to show some wear and tear. You can keep that beautiful and silky smooth skin you were born with by following the tips below.  Cover Up The sun can be very damaging to your skin. It can cause premature wrinkles, burns which […]